UTT Roll Left

Tilt Train



UTT Roll Right

Curves and Hills:    OK
Vacuums-MagLev:  NO

Tilt Train Concept
Morning Rush TTC
Tilt Train Thirty

Natural Tilt plus Active Tilt

o  Tilts Naturally when CG below Pivot Center
o  Active Tilt for Damping, Transitions & Offset
o  Redundant Motion Sensors and Computers

   o  Tilt Train 30 (deg) needs Less-than-Half Track Curve Radii at Same Speed as Rail

    o  Tilt Train 30 takes Steep Grades

Steep Grade

    o  TurnTables used for all Terminals, Stations and Switches

Terminal TurnTable uTrack Switches

    o   Loading for Passengers, Autos, Freight  from Rear at TTT Vehicle Floor Level

    o   Test Proposal for uTrack and TTT Vehicles

o   Details:
    • Tilt Angles to 30 deg on Curve Radii between 600 feet and 1.4 miles
    • Top Speed limited to 250 mph pending Rubber Tire or Air Bearing advances
    • Grades of 12 % or more Zoom Up and Down Hills avoiding some Tunneling
    • No Vacuum Tubes/Pumps -- No Strong Magnets -- No Fixed Metal Rails
    • Half-Cylinder uTrack Network with Half-Cylinder uCover for Weather and Quiet
    • Cylindrical Vehicle with Electric Ducted-Fans plus Expansion Nozzle for Propulsion
    • Front & Rear 'Yellow Cones' to be Contoured for Minimum Aerodynamic Drag
    • Motorized Wheels for low Speed Terminal Maneuvering & Second Vehicle Recovery
    • Batteries for Power plus under-floor Ballast to lower Vehicle CG -- Center-of-Gravity
    • Roof Vanes below uTrack Cover for Roll Damping, Trim Offset, and Aero-Braking
    • Automatic Control of Speed, Braking, and Routing plus Vehicle Separation
    • About 30 Passengers or 2 Autos/SUVs or Package-Freight per TTT Vehicle
    • Turntables for Roundhouse Terminals, Stations, and all uTrack Turnouts (switches)